The Swiss Guidance team has many years of experience and expertise in the areas of mechanical engineering, logistics and transport, consumer goods, aerostructures, specialty chemicals, telecommunication infrastructure and high-speed trains

Outsourcing Modules   

Cost reduction by outsourcing of wage costs intensive electromechanical machine modules and components from Switzerland, Germany and Austria to low cost countries like, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania

Start-up Procurement 

Supporting start-up project by implementing a procurement organization, supplier selection in Germany and Switzerland for prototypes, and China supply chain for serial production  


Project Procurement  

Implementing and management of project procurement organization for telecommunication fiber optic broadband infrastructure project for an US investor in Germany 

Relocation Components 

Cost reduction by relocation of high precision components and parts from Switzerland, France, Germany and Australia to the United Kingdom, Italy, Korea, Singapore, USA and Japan  


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